Non Prime Steel


Our extensive range doesn’t just cover prime steel. Through our excellent supply chains we have amassed a stock of non-prime material, which often exceeds the quality you'd expect.


The non-prime material is the perfect solution if you do not need the full mill traceability that you get with prime steel or if you are looking for non-standard sheet sizes.


Our non-prime stocks cover a wide range of steel grades in many different specification variations. 


If we have the perfect sized non-prime steel plate for you, but you felt you needed a certificate to accompany the steel, we can offer full lab test facilities through an external UKAS Accredited test house (UKAS).

  • Chemical Analysis on any metallic material, solid or fragmented by instrumental and traditional 'wet' techniques
  • Mechanical Testing including Tensile, Izod, Charpy and Hardness tests
  • Metallurgical Testing including Metallography, Ferrite Counts and Failure Investigations
  • NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)

We can also offer a full range of ultra-sonic testing on the plates.


Please call our sales team to discuss your requirements.