Road Plates

M.Brittain (York) Ltd offer fully mill certified Steel road plates in a variety of sizes in both plain and Anti-skid options.


Anti Skid

The safety at street works act requires steel road plates to be treated with an appropriate skid resistant surface coating.

Our treatment is approved by the Highways authorities product approval scheme (HAPAS) on behalf of the overseeing organizations of the department of transport, the Sub-contractor who applies the coating is approved by the manufacturer of ROCBINDA for the application of the anti-skid surface product. The highly trained workforce are regularly inspected in order to ensure a high quality product. For this reason we are confident that if properly used our Anti-skid plate will offer an excellent lifespan.


M.Brittain (York) Ltd can offer the customer the ability to customize their road plate, this can involve variations in size or shape of lifting/securing holes to allow for different methods of offloading or securing the road plates.

Customer ID numbers can be welded onto plates, this allows the customer full traceability and to measure the lifespan of their plate as well as ensuring any plates returned to their hire fleet are the genuine article.

Cosmetic requirements such as company logos or colour schemes can also be added to road plates on request.


Please call our sales team to discuss your requirements




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