M.Brittain (York) Ltd have a modern array of guillotines at our York, Stourbridge and XL sites.
We have the ability to shear to close tolerances in all thicknesses of steel from 0.6mm - 12.5mm.


We pride ourselves on our quality and quick speed of turnaround.


Our 4 guillotines at York are capable of shearing up to 3660mm and 10mm thick. Our 4 Stourbridge guillotines can shear up to 2500mm and 6mm thick.

XL Steels have 3 guillotines which can shear between 0.5mm up to 6mm thick and up to 3000mm.


Out of house, we can also shear up to 6000mm and 12.5mm thick.


  • Sheared plates from mild steel BS 10025 (1990) Fe 430A 510A/B/C/D, BS 970 08(EN8)
  • Floorplate in 3 mm O/P and thicker
  • Galvanised, Cold reduced Zintec etc


We can offer flattening on sheared products, if it is required.